Three Mango Mustard Powder

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Yellow Mustard Seeds, commonly known as Rai Powder, originate from the Himalayan Mountain foothills and have been mentioned in ancient Sanskrit writings dating back 5000 years as well as the New Testament for their benefits.

Rai Powder is commonly used in Indian curries to add a distinctly sour and nutty flavor. It is an enticing blend of fresh aroma and natural color. Rai powder is extensively used in pickles as it lends a slightly tangy taste.

We, at Three Mango, use ultra-modern facilities to maintain excellent quality and hygiene requirements. At our modern processing facility, we process rai powder using cutting-edge technology. The FSSAI Quality Standards are met by Three Mango Rai Powder.

Rai powder helps in improving digestion, relieves pain, and kills worms in the stomach. The spice helps in relieving water retention.

Usage: The sweet and sour undertone of Rai powder is ideal for curries and vegetable dishes. It adds a delicious flavorful taste and offers a truly delightful experience. Rai powder perfectly amps up the flavor of mild ingredients and adds a luscious look and taste to it. Add a bit of our Swastik Rai powder for a flavorful bowl of Sambar.


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