Three Mango Ginger Pickle

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Three Mango Ginger Pickle is traditionally made with 100% natural and high-quality components.

This authentic Telugu style pickle has a typical sweet and sour flavour which promises an unforgettable experience. Our flavoursome Ginger pickle pairs well with any and every sort of delicacy, be it papad, pulao, rice, daal, breads and more.

The aromatic and zesty taste of the pickle will be a ride down the memory lane. Deep-rooted in the Indian cuisine, this pickle will instantly bring back the pure and delicious taste of homemade pickle.

Artificial preservatives, tastes, and colors are not used in our pickles, and they fulfill the FSSAI/AGMARK Quality Standards for purity and authenticity. Pickles are made under strict hygienic and processing conditions.

Ingredients: Indian pickles are healthy for diabetics since they have a high nutritional value, are high in vitamins, and help to speed up your metabolism. They're high in fibre and can even help with ulcers.

Storage and Uses : Store in a cool, dry & hygienic place. Use a spoon while serving. Enjoy with everyday meals, or use as a spread on bread or parathas. Mix well before use.


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