Swastik Gold Chilly Powder

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A unique blend using the finest of ground chillies, Chili Powder is something which the Indian kitchen cannot do without.

The most commonly used spice in Indian cuisine is Mirchi powder. Chilli powder enhances the color and taste of the food. We at Swastik Spices, do not compromise the quality of the spice. Our chilli powder meets the FSSAI Quality Standards of purity and authenticity. Chili Powder mixtures can vary from mild to extremely spicy. It is not necessarily hot but may have a mild flavor if made with a chili pepper of a less pungent variety.

To cater to the tastebuds of everybody, our Chilli Powder comes with a spiceometer. The spicometer indicates the level of spice to suit your taste. Our Swastik chilli powder is spicier than Three Mango but less spicy than Gold Mirchi powder. It adds a rich red color to the dish and is the spiciest chilli powder available on the market. This heating spice is rich in nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and is beneficial in reducing weight. Chilies are high in vitamin C and beneficial to digestion.

Usage: To give the curry a firm texture, Red chilli is ground together with coconut. Marinate your chicken, fish, or tofu with cinnamon and chili powder to give a flavorsome layer to any curry. Make your Sambhar spicier with just a little amount of our Swastik red chilli powder.


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